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Easy Ways to Become a Better Writer

Writing isn't a skill that your child will simply learn just once and then forget about. They will need to consistently work on improving their writing skills so that they can become great communicators. To ensure they're on the right path to becoming a great...

How Your Child Can Benefit from Reading

Reading is an activity that can benefit your child in numerous ways, so it's important that they make time to read every day. To learn more about some of the benefits associated with it, continue reading.

Build Their Vocabulary

You may have heard many...

Encourage Your Child to Finish the Year Strong

As the school year reaches the midway point, many students may feel the lack of motivation associated with the midyear slump. Help your child work through this with these simple tips.

Avoid Negative Comments

Approaching your child with a negative...

Tips for Completing Homework Faster

If your child has trouble completing their homework efficiently, they may need help getting organized. To ensure they stay on task, and have an easier time getting their work done, use these tips.

Create a Homework Plan

When your child gets home from school,...

Tips to Get Your Child Moving

It can be hard to encourage children to get up and move, especially if all they want to do is play video games and text their friends. If you're having trouble ensuring your child gets a good amount of physical activity daily, use these tips.

Make It Fun

Doing an...

Is Your Child Feeling Too Much Pressure?

School can often get overwhelming for students, no matter their age. Your student may be feeling a lot of pressure, and not knowing how to handle it can lead to changes in how they're feeling. If you're worried your child may be feeling stressed, look out...

How to Make Reading a Textbook Easier

Even for students who enjoy reading, having to read a textbook can be challenging. Textbooks often aren't the most exciting thing to read, but they are necessary for most classes. If your child is having a rough time with their textbooks, teach them these...

Help Your Child Get Rid of Stress

It's not uncommon for students to feel some stress around their academics. For some students, however, this stress can get out of hand. To help your child handle this stress better, teach them these tips.

Do the Work

Keeping up with their work is an easy way to...

Productive Summer Tips

If your child has a hard time being productive over the summer, you can definitely help them turn this around. Encourage your child to use their break from school the best way possible with these tips.

Set Summer Goals

No matter what point of the summer it is, it's not too...

Online Test Taking Tips

Taking a test online can be quite different than taking one on paper. If this is something new for your child, teach them these tips before their first online test.

Check Your Computer

Most people don't take the time to ensure their computer is compatible with the test...


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