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Keep Your Child on Track With a Schedule

If your child is working from home, it may be tough for them to keep up with their work. Whether they get distracted by their surroundings or feel unmotivated, you can use these tips to keep them on track.

Start Bright and Early

To start the day off right, ensure that your child sticks to their normal morning routine. This means they should get up at their normal time and get dressed like they would on a normal school day. Doing these little things can keep them more motivated and give their day a bit more structure.

Write Down a To-Do List

Before your child jumps into their work, help them create a to-do list of all the things they have to complete that day. This will help keep them on track and give them a schedule to follow. It's important that they also factor in some breaks so that they don't push themselves too hard throughout the day and end up feeling burned out.

Flexibility Is Key

This is all new for students and parents, and it can take some time to adapt. As you work on this, be flexible and understanding. Test out different ways of doing things and take note of what works so you can continue to do it. Don't stress over things that don't work, just move forward and adapt.

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