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Easy Ways to Prevent Procrastination

Procrastination is an easy habit for students to develop. However, this bad habit can turn into a real nuisance and can seem nearly impossible to break. If your child is headed towards procrastination, use these tips to help them avoid it altogether.

Break Tasks Down

Oftentimes, students will avoid starting tasks when they seem long or too difficult. They will then leave them until they have no choice but to start and rush through the entire thing. To avoid this sort of stress, help your child break down these large tasks into smaller, less intimidating pieces. These smaller bits will feel less intimidating and can make it easier for your child to complete their work on time.

Set Goals

It may sound silly, but setting goals can help your child stay on task and complete their homework instead of putting it off until the last minute. Have your child make a daily list of their tasks and then ask them to estimate how long each one will take. This will give them a set time when they should be finished. This small move can keep them motivated and working so that they meet their goal.

Try Incentives

Finally, teach your child to set incentives for themselves that will keep them motivated. The easiest example of this is allowing your child to take a break after completing a set amount of work. They can create these break times or use other incentives to keep themselves working. As long as they have something to look forward to after completing an assignment, they should be able to stay motivated to complete it all.

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