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How to Stop Homework Procrastination in Its Tracks

The majority of students aren't fond of doing homework, so they'll put it off until they absolutely have to do it. If your child avoids doing their homework after school, use these tips to help them get it done sooner.

Create a To-Do List


How to Prepare a Successful Class Presentation

If your child isn't a fan of public speaking, then a class presentation can seem like the worst assignment ever. Before they get stressed out and overwhelmed, help them prepare their best presentation yet with these tips from The Tutoring...

How to Prepare for the SAT

For many students, the SAT can be very intimidating and even overwhelming. If your child is feeling worried about their SAT test day, help them start preparing with these basic SAT prep tips.

Get to Know the SAT's Structure

To reduce your child's stress around the...

Teach Your Child These Time Management Skills

It's not uncommon for a student's workload to get heavier and more demanding as they advance in their education. However, this growing workload can leave some students feeling overwhelmed. If this is the case with your student, some time management...

How to Limit Your Child's Screen Time

While it may seem normal to see your child absorbed in a game on their tablet or spending hours playing video games with their friends, this much time in front of a screen isn't ideal. In fact, as children spend more and more time in front of screens, they...

To a student, their your notes are an invaluable tool that helps them study and learn. Still, for that to happen, you need good, effective notes (for which, you need to become an expert note-taker). For tips on how to improve the quality of your notes, continue reading.

How to Take Notes That...

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