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How to Get Ready for Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is a big deal for your young student. This is the beginning of their academic journey, so it helps to ensure they get off to a great start. To prepare your child for kindergarten, use these tips.

Give the School a Visit

Part of what can make the first day of school stressful for students is that they're in new surroundings and are surrounded by tons of new faces. To lessen the stress that results from this, take your child to visit the school before the first day arrives. This will help them become more familiar with the place. If possible, introduce them to their teacher so that they recognize at least one face in their classroom.

Practice Basic Lessons

In the past, students learned the basics in kindergarten. Nowadays, academics are super competitive, even from the start. Because of this, it's important that your child masters some basic lessons before starting school. Preschool can help with this or you can practice things likes letters, numbers, writing, and basic math at home.

Talk to Your Child

Because this is such a big step for your child, it can help to have a talk with them before the day arrives. Explain to your child how fun school can be and how much they will learn. You can also talk about their new routine. Let them ask you questions and do your best to stay positive as you answer these.

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