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How to Stop Homework Procrastination in Its Tracks

The majority of students aren't fond of doing homework, so they'll put it off until they absolutely have to do it. If your child avoids doing their homework after school, use these tips to help them get it done sooner.

Create a To-Do List

For many students, knowing what they have to get done and staying on task can be hard if they don't have it clearly listed out. Before your child dives into their homework, have them first compile a list of all the homework and studying they have to get done that day. This list can also include projects and tests they have coming up in the near future. Have your child list these items by priority so that they can the most pressing items done first. With this complete list, they'll have an easier time staying on task and planning ahead.

Break Down Tasks

Larger tasks can be overwhelming for students because they seem impossible to complete In these cases, your child may put off doing these because they don't even know where to get started. Help your child conquer these larger items by breaking them down into smaller portions that are less intimidating. Spread out these smaller tasks over a period of time so your child can get a portion done each day instead of leaving it all to the night before it's due.

Remove Distractions

It's easy for students to get distracted while doing homework because they'd rather be doing anything that isn't homework. If your child lets distractions take over while doing work, make it easier for them to focus by removing these common distractors. Each child will have different distractors, so figure out what your child is most distracted by and cut it out.

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